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Specific Purpose Vision Tools
DataMatrixReader Powerful DataMatrix Recognition System
DataMatrixReader  Powerful DataMatrix Recognition System 產品特點
  • Professional barcode recognition and identification tool kit for industrial application
  • OvkBarcode module can be integrated into PC-based system by “Click-and-Drag” manner
  • Multiple Development Platforms:OvkBarcode provide excellent support for WINDOWS and supported development platforms include : Visual Basic、Visual C++、Visual C#、C++ Builder、Delphi
  • Hardware Compatibility:Support all series of AISYS acquisition devices
  • Software Compatibility:Compatible with all series of software tools from AISYS
  • Reference Applications:Products serial number management、serial number tracking、process control…etc
  • Support barcode standards:DataMatrix - ECC200
  • High error correction ratio:Up to 30% error code which can be tolerant and corrected by robust coding algorithm
  • Unsupervised distortion correction:Powerful unsupervised distortion correction algorithm can help users to correct perspective distortion without any calibration

  • Ultimate C/P Ratio:Amazing C/P ratio helps users to low down the cost dramatically
  • High recognition performance:0.02 second per barcode in average
  • Powerful barcode locating and recognition algorithm:Anti-illuminance、anti-skew、anti-scaling recognition capability

  • Multiple barcode detection:Multiple barcodes can be detected simultaneously



 Video #1:High Speed DataMatrixReader


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